App 1: Share Map Pins With Others

Port Captain App

iOS 13.1 or Higher REQUIRED

Help increase SAFE BOATING in Oceanside Harbor. Share your map pins with your fellow boaters. Share the lat/long of favorite fishing, danger, whale sitings etc. Written for America’s Boating Club Oceanside.If you are new to the Oceanside area, this app is a must. If you are an Oceanside pro, please share your expertise by creating map pins for all to see.


App 2: Get Notifications On Your Phone

Did you ever plan on going to the Sundowner or Potluck events and then didn’t remember until the day after. If you have an iPhone 6SX or later, then you need to get the “Oceanside MMSI” app from the App Store. The App’s main purpose is to provide you with Mobile Notifications. It also has information on MMSI numbers and the fog horn in Oceanside Harbor (thanks Shawn for providing this useful information). Below is the link for the “Oceanside MMSI” app on the Apple App Store. Anyone can click on the link, but you can only download the app if you are on your iPhone.

What is a Mobile Notification: A notification is a message that pops up on your phone. You don’t have to have an app open in order for it to display the message, your phone can even be in sleep mode. You probably already get messages for incoming texts, and missed calls. Now you can get them for squadron events.