Take the Helm With Hands-On Training:  Feel more competent and look more confident handling your powerboat. Our hands-on boating course helps you develop handling skills and techniques that last a lifetime.

Our certified and experienced instructors combine classroom learning with on-the-water coaching. That means with technical education plus real-world techniques, you get onto the water and into fun, safer and faster!

Classroom Max = 8 Students
Friday Skill Demonstration:  All Friday Class Times:  7-9 p.m.
Hands On Training:  All Saturday classes are on the water in instructor’s boat, boat can hold 4 students and instructor, so the 8 students will be broken up to 2 classes, you may attend the 9am – 1pm class or 1pm – 5pm class.  Students must attend the Friday Skill Demonstration first.

Session 1: 26 – 27 March 2021

Session 2: 9-10 April 2021

Session 3: 30 April / 01 May 2021


Cost:  FREE to members.  Optional $55 student kit.

Instructor:  Shawn Goit
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