Welcome To The WebCam of Oceanside Harbor:

The WebCam has been operating in Oceanside Harbor since April 2023.  Oceanside Yacht Club is our partner in this project as they host the physical location (on the roof of OYC) and the internet connection . This page contains a link to the WebCam, YouTube highlight reels, a comment form and future upgrades.  We are sorry, the WebCam goes down about once a month.  If the WebCam is down, please check back with the below link.  Thanks so much!

Here is the link to the live 24/7 webcam:



Any donations are greatly appreciated.  They will go to fund the hardware and upgrades in the future.  The average lifespan of a Sunba 24/7 webcam is 3-5 years.

Webcam Videos

Future WebCam Upgrades Coming 2024


Weather (wind speed, temp)