**** Desktop & Android Notifications ONLY ***

IPHONE NOTIFICATIONS  will be coming soon. The following instructions will not work for iOS devices.

Click on the areas that you are interested in receiving push notifications for on this device.  Remember each laptop, desktop; will have it’s own Notifications which you must customize.  If you use different browsers on the same device, then each browser needs to be customized.

For each interest that you choose, you will receive updates for the following areas:

  • Change of Start Time
  • Cancellation
  • Reminder Two Hours Before Start

Instructions:  Click “Get My Interests” below in order to see notifications you have signed up for.  Then click the interests that you would like to have sent to you.  Each  button is a toggle, it will turn green when you have successfully signed up, when clicked again, it will turn red to indicate you no longer will be receiving Notifications for that Interest.   You may update your interests at any time.

   ABC Class

   Marine Nav Class