Name: Van Diehl

Cell:  760-798-5747


SN – USPS Senior Navigator

Boat Operator Certifications:

IN – Inland Navigator
CN – Coastal Navigator
ACN – Advanced Coastal Navigator
ON – Offshore Navigator

What kind of boating background do you have?

Sailboats owned:
1968 – O’Day Day Sailor 17ft
1970 – Bristol 22
1973 – Bristol 26
1980 – Coronado 27
1985 – Hunter 30
2000 to now – Hunter 37.5


Current Boat:  Hunter 37.5

Where sailed:

1968 to 1972 -)Massachusets and Rhode Islands

1973 to 1996 – San Francisco Bay

2000 to now- Southern California

Long distance saling:

San Francisco to San Diego twice

San Diego to Cabo and Mazatlan


British Virgin Islands – Four times


Greece – Cyclades

Greece- Dodecanese

What do you like most about teaching classes?

The opportunity to share my boating knowledge, and watching the students have fun while learning a new skill.

Do you have any relevant experience to the course you are teaching?

I have more than 20 years experience teaching boating courses in the classroom and OTW, sailing a variety of boats and navigating in destinations in US and overseas.

Any other information that you would like to add?

2004 – Started SLR GPS navigation full day seminars for members and public , repeated 25 times
2008 – Introduced the first On-the-Water training in America’s Boating Club Oceanside, for the Piloting and Advanced Piloting courses, reported in, The Ensign.
2015 – Upgraded Piloting including navigation with paper and digital charts. GPS. Chartploters, and computers
2018 – Introduced Cruise Planning design into the Cruising and Cruise Planning course
Since 2004 instructor of Coastal and Offshore navigation courses
Introduced BOC to America’s Boating Club Oceanside:
Instructed and certified members in IN, CN and ACN
America’s Boating Club Oceanside is the OTW leader in D/28