Suzi and Jim Weaver

Annual Life Jacket Give Away

Suzi and Jim Weaver joined America’s Boating Club Oceanside in  2015.  They both were active in the club from the moment they joined.  Jim served on the Bridge and Suzi helped behind the scenes.  They were kind, generous, helpful, and skilled boaters. They loved boating and enjoyed it most of their lives.   They took safety classes and knew how to swim well.They had a boat in the Oceanside Harbor for many years.  They recently retired and were in the process of moving to Lake Havasu to enjoy their retirement on the water.

On October 13, 2021 a tragic accident occurred.  Jim and Suzi were on a boat in  Lake Havasu, a personal item fell overboard.  While Suzi tried to retrieve the item she fell in the water and went under.  Jim then jumped in to assist her and lost consciousness. They drowned that tragic day.  Neither one of them was wearing a life vest.   Maybe they would have survived if they had been wearing life vests. We all think it won’t happen to me but their accident says it can happen to you. A life vest can’t save anyones life if it is not worn, so wear your life vest.  It may save your life.  

The America’s Boating Club Oceanside is proud to honor Suzi and Jim Weaver’s  memory by giving away life vests.